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We always strive to help homeowners to complete the home selling transaction in the most stress-less, professional and mutually-beneficial way. Our mission is to help out our clients no matter what and reach a win-win situation for both sides. We would love to do business with you too. So, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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Troubles We Work Through

If you're facing any of the following situations, we'll buy your house within 3 to 30 days:

Financial difficulties often seem insurmountable, especially when facing foreclosure. One late payment turns into two, three, and more. Finally, the mortgage company is sending warnings that foreclosure is imminent. A foreclosure hurts a person's credit and makes it hard to get a mortgage in the future. It also makes it difficult to find a decent apartment.

A new job or a change in a family situation may mean the need to relocate quickly. Trying to sell a house quickly while packing for the move offers unique challenges and is often unsuccessful. Trying to sell a house from afar after the move is difficult and requires a lot of back and forth travel.

The need for costly repairs can make it difficult to sell a house. Buyers don't usually want to purchase a property that needs a lot of work. For a seller, the choice is to invest a lot of money in making the repairs or trying to sell AS IS. Neither choice is ideal if money is tight.

The end of a marriage means splitting up the marital assets, including the family home. Waiting for months to get a buyer prolongs the divorce procedure. It also means extra mortgage payments and on-going maintenance costs. This additional pressure can make a difficult situation worse for both sides, financially and emotionally.

When someone fails to pay taxes, the government will find a way to get the money. One option they often use is a tax lien against real estate. When a property has a tax lien, it can be hard to sell. This may mean a person is stuck with the property with no way to get rid of it.

Overwhelming financial problems can be relieved when a person files bankruptcy. However, part of the bankruptcy process can mean selling real estate. Waiting months or years for a buyer only prolongs the bankruptcy proceedings. Plus, the seller still needs to keep up on payments and maintenance, which only adds to the financial burden.

After a parent or relative’s death, it may be time to part with the family home. However, selling an inherited property can be anything but quick. Figuring out the probate process, fixing defects, marketing the estate, and disclosing all property issues with interested buyers only to wait months to close a deal can leave you feeling more emotionally drained than ever.

If your rental property isn’t working out as you anticipated, you could need a fast solution to make up for lost income. But selling a house with sitting tenants poses unique challenges. Buyers could disappear when they learn you’re selling with a bad tenant in situ. Additionally, buyers may not want to renegotiate terms, break the leases, or buy out current tenants.

Owning a house in a bad neighborhood offers particular challenges. Property values are low. Rents are low. The desire to invest money into the property is also low. Finding quality tenants is next to impossible. The less-than-desirable neighbors may make it difficult to find a tenant willing to live in the area.

Contact Us Today for No-Obligation All-Cash Offer on Your House

We have an access to numerous local cash home buyers in Friendswood, TX who are just waiting to buy houses like yours. This is why when you contact us about your home sale, you'll start receiving cash offers almost instantly!

How We Simplify Your Sale

Read why thousands of Friendswood homeowners sold their houses to us:

Me make it fast

It can take anywhere from a few months to over a year to get a house sold. With our company, however, you can sell in 3-30 days.

We don’t charge you

Selling to Cash for Friendswood Houses means you don't need to pay any hidden fees, closing costs, or real estate commissions. You get the full amount of the offer.

We have cash

By selling to us, you avoid delays involved with a buyer trying to get a mortgage. We give you cash for your home in no time after signing the purchase agreement.

Forget about showings

Selling your home means keeping it in top condition and conduct many showings. It takes time and effort, but not when selling to us. We will buy your house after a single visit.

We buy As Is

You don't need to put a ton of money into a house to make repairs. We buy houses in any condition and you walk away with the cash.

Stop wasting time

By selling to us, you don't need to worry about a slow real estate market. We make a cash offer within 24 hours from our visit.

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Service Area

Below are the areas of Friendswood we buy real estate properties in:


We do not only buy houses in Friendswood and its surrounding areas but also in the entire Texas. So if you're located outside of the area highlighted on this map, don't hesitate to contact us because we'll be happy to serve you too and get your home sold quickly. We are a company that buys houses for cash fast!

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